we choose to build cool ideas
not because they are easy, but because they are hard
because that challenge is the one we are willing to accept


Enter Action is a Makers company that focuses on new technology to create better experiences for the end user.
From 1 off custom products, to continual production runs, our focus is to use technology to do the hard work.

The Pillemer Brothers run Enter Action.

The brothers are hands on in their approach from the design to the building. Their roles continually cross over but in a broad sense they do the following:

Brett Pillemer
The fatter of the 2 brothers but by far the better looking one runs the “brains of the business”.
Brett codes the applications and designs the circuit boards. He is responsible for making sure that when it’s all put together it works.
Brett runs the ACTIVATION side of the business.

Dylan Pillemer
An Industrial Designer with 20 years experience Dylan is the creative side of the business.
Dylan is responsible for new ideas and creating designs which give the vision of the product.  He is responsible for putting it all together and is also the Project Manager.
Dylan runs the ENTERTAINMENT side of the business.



From prtotyping to full scale production. We offer a broad range of services. These are some of them.


2D & 3D Design
3D Printing

CNC Cutting

Circuitboard Prototypes


Circuitboard Manufacturing
Mould Manufacturing
Production Runs

Well, we are organic, we have teamed up with MOS Furniture and offered them a quick turn around on their furniture. We have achieved this bymanufacturing in house systems

Product Prototypes


Here are some of our more exciting projects

Enter Action is Entertainment by Activation

Assembling accessories with new tech to achieve a desired outcome

  • Enter Action has worked on exciting projects with a range of individuals to corporate clients that are leaders in their fields
  • We have covered complex machinery automation and manipulation.
  • Custom built with robotic interfaces
  • Our work has been displayed in museums and been responsible for real time radio promotion
  • Enter Action will continue to be at the forefront of finding that WOW factor because that is what we find exciting and we hope you join us


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