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Twitter Time Capsule

The time capsule was burried and with “every day items” and will be opened in 50 years.
Images courtesy of Twitter

National Trust Heritage Awards

Enter Action’s part was to build a online system – website – for participants to submit their entries. Entries consisted of submitting mixed media and completing payment. Participants also used the website to book a place at the Heritage Awards lunch where the winners were anounced. Enter Action also created the trophies.

Sony Display Units

One of our earlier project. The Sony Display Unit housed 6 headsets which particapents tested by listening to music. 50 Sony Units where manufactured. 

and just for fun

Industrial CNC

We An industrial CNC cutter with missing its hardware and software with no operating system. So we reconfigured it, threw in some custom hardware and now we have an awesome cnc machine. 

More Lights

Light and acrylic is just too much fun. 


Mould Creation and Production 

Biltong Box

It can’t all be work. As a fun project Enter Action redesigned the conventional Biltong Box (South Africans know what this is and if you not South African you probably don’t want to know). We created an online shop and surprisingly with no marketing sold a fair number of them.

Light Poi

Another fun project that lingers in the background. What can we say, we love lights and the light poi screams with potential. Here we are playing with a magnetic switch system.