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Twitter Time Capsule

The time capsule has been locked away in a french museum. The Capsule contains a ssd harddrive which contains all twitters tweats upto 2017 and will be opened in 50 years.
Images courtesy of Twitter

National Trust Heritage Awards

Enteraction created trophies and built a online system – website – for participants to submit their entries. Entries consisted of submitting mixed media and completing payment. Participants also used the website to book a place at the Heritage Awards lunch where the winners were announced.

Sony Display Units

One of our earlier project. The Sony Display Unit displayed ssd walkmans and had 6 interactive headsets which participants tested by listening to music. 100 Sony Units where manufactured and distributed around the country.

Some Additional Services


Custom Built CNC

Custom Circuitboards

Signs and Displays

3D Printing

Resin Manufacturing

3D Rendering