Design, Develop, Deploy


For: Eureka - The Amazing Race Australia

In partnership with Eureka Productions for The Amazing Race Australia

It was great working on The Amazing Race Australia.

Amongst others:

  • We produced 13 Dinosaur skeletons to be assembled by the contestants for S2E3
  • Finally Map, Puzzle Table  and Question Board
  • Catapults

For: Making It Australia

In partnership with Free Mantel

Pretty excited with our Work Tables and Work Benches that we made for Making It Australia.


For: Australian Radio Network

In partnership with Walkin Promotions and ARN

EA built these awesome petrol bowsers with Walkin Promotions and ARN for 5 Radio Stations Nationally. 

The game consists of holding down the petrol bowser handle and attempting to "pour" exactly $10.00. If you can do it in one shot, you win $10000.

EA programmed and built the electronics and assembled them. 


    For: Kyle and Jackie O and My Kitchen Rules

    In partnership with Walkin Promotions and ARN

    We were given an exciting concept by Walkin Promotions and asked to present an idea which had to fit within a budget.   All materials were assessed and costings carefully calculated. 

    Once we had all the bits and pieces ready to go, we then had to built the set and installed it in a shopping area for the promotion.

    The set consisted of a variety of different ideas and components which all had to work together:

    • A television display and video/audio outputs
    • Pressure activation component
    • Radio on/off
    • Confetti cannon
    • An electronic Counter that displayed at the actual site
    • An electronic Counter that displayed on the KIIS website
    • Cash-ball drop (Which dropped multiple prizes including 5K, 10K and 20K cash prize)
    • Random sequencing
      VR ROVER

      For: NEXTVR

      In partnership with Walkin Promotions

      The brief given to us by our client was - Supply a method to move a 7kg, $250K Virtual Reality Recorder on stage for performances for events ranging from Duran Duran Concerts to Microsoft Showcases that would look good as part of the show.

      We presented a conceptual design which required a few tweaks here and there.  We added and subtracted until we came up with the VR-Rover..

      This project had a 6 week deadline whereby we had to present a working proof of the concept and have it delivered to the USA all within the timeframe.

      Here's the VR-Rover in action:


      The Missing Mezzuzot of Zdunska Wola is an interactive exhibition of ‘mezzuzot’ created as a metaphor and a celebration of each of the Jewish families living in Zdunska Wola, Poland before 1939.

      For this project enteraction's involvement was to create a content driven website.  This is where all documentation can be uploaded and updated as it becomes available.   

      The Website also doubles as a Museum display at Muzeum Historii Miasta in Poland.  When content is accessed from the website in the Museum it triggers one of the corresponding lights from the display.    The light represent the missing families whose content is being displayed on the website.

      (for the geeks) We used wifi tablets to trigger leds on a local server.


        For: KIIS Haunted House at The Easter Show with
        Kyle and Jackie O

        In partnership with ARN

        The Haunted House was a project where Enter Action was asked to contribute their expertise.

        We hung a "picture" in one of the "haunted" rooms.  The "picture" was actually a flat-screen television. As participants walked past a random monster would appear in the picture and scare them.

        The participants reaction was recorded, spliced with a promotional introduction and sound and then transmitted to a server.

        The ARN Team collected the participants Name and Email as they left the Haunted House.   They were emailed a link to their content which they could share on Instagram or Facebook.

        Over 5 000 participants were captured.

        Our video recorded Jackie O and her cameraman being "frightened" in the Haunted House.

          MOTOR MUSEUM

          The Franschhoek Museum in Cape Town, South Africa, approached us to Design and manufacture four vehicles which they could use to transport their clients from one of their open car warehouses to the other. 

          The final design was a tram-like vehicle, which was constructed on a truck.  It was exactly what they had envisioned and worked perfectly. 


          Surry Hills Community Center and Library

          This magnificent building consists of a number of louvres which open and close.  Enteraction implemented a system that placed all the louvres at designated positions. The system included:

              • Different positions every 30 minutes during office hours
              • Automatic adjustment for daylight savings
              • Different sequencing for different seasons
              • A close and open sequence for both the top and bottom sets
              • A resume sequence after opening or closing at any time of the day
              • Safety features preventing overdrive
              • Driver software to move the motors
              • Push button controls for simple operation This video is of its initial opening of the first sequence